Internet of Things – Plant Irrigation

With this project teachers will have the oportunity to work with a complete project that covers a wide range of Industry 4.0 technologies (Electronics, Operating Systems, Networks, Software Development, ECloud, Realtime database). With this project teachers will also learn how to teach with a Project Based Methodology as this project is a great starting point project for future students projects development.

Teachers of all Electronics, Operating Systems, Networks and Software Development has to be coordinated to this integrated project. It is also possible to teach each submodule in an isolated way, but the best results are if they are integrated as it would be better to practice with a real full Industry 4.0 project.

Future IT teaching new methodologies are more focus in Project Base Learning. And this project has this approach in the way that the students are learning a real project with great possibilities of go into details and make up new other project based on this ideas. The goal of the teacher is open the doors to each technologies and make the student reflect about new features.

Competences Trained by Working on this Module


  1. Please, retrace the student module and the intended learning process.

Tools: mapped teacher matrix, student’s module, basic questions

  1. If necessary, rebuild the final product by your own. Tools: student’s module,
  2. Reflect on where there were difficulties and how to avoid them in class.
  3. Consider the need for adjustment with regard to your own students and map the competence matrix for students.

Tool: competence matrix for students

  1. Adjust the module or refine it by filling out these forms:

Explanation of the structure of student`s modules
Form Sequencing student`s module
Learning Modules Requirement
Evaluation student`s module

  1. Evaluate your own learning process.

Tool: Evaluation form


Assessment of all products to be delivered:

  • list of important changes of work processes for your students
  • list of competences you and your students need to reach
  • list of competences you want to acquire in short-term
  • your students’ module
  • an evaluation tool


Reflect and exchange your experience with other colleagues (in your working group or a virtual working group), define a focus you want to reflect on with your students and create a suitable evaluation tool for them.