General Teaching Module

This module wants to give a broad introduction into the topic industry 4.0.

It wants to sensitize for the implications for teaching, training, working and living in working world 4.0.

It comprises several steps which will have to be done by individual, partly digitized, learning as well as by working in a group in order to have an exchange on important topics.

After passing it you will be able to create own students’ modules and to decide on the main points these have to focus on.

Competences Trained by Working on this Module


  1. Watch the videos and look for suitable ones for your students.
    Industry 4.0 - Germany's 4th industrial revolution
    Industrie 4.0 - The Fourth Industrial Revolution
    Industrie 4.0
  2. Define the characteristics of 4.0- technologies and reflect on their advantages and challenges.
  3. Discuss the changes of work processes with colleagues (in your working group or a virtual working group) and find out different implications e.g. in the different sectors crafts, industry, service (in your working group or a virtual working group).
  4. Reflect and discuss possible consequences in the societal and individual daily life. Propaganda Games Video
  5. Find out necessary additional competences of teachers, in-company trainers and VET students, e.g. IT and media competences
  6. Discuss the future role of teachers and trainers (in your working group or a virtual working group).
  7. Describe your individual need for further training (what do I know and what do I need?).
  8. Create a students’ module for one of your class/learning group with reference to the students’ matrix (e.g. regarding awareness, personal and social implications, data security).


Assessment of all products to be delivered:

  • list of important changes of work processes for your students
  • list of competences you and your students need to reach
  • list of competences you want to acquire in short-term
  • your students’ module
  • an evaluation tool


Reflect and exchange your experience with other colleagues (in your working group or a virtual working group), define a focus you want to reflect on with your students and create a suitable evaluation tool for them.