What we want to achieve


The project VET 4.0 deals with the impacts of the fourth industrial revolution on future working processes and on the competence requirements in a technical, organizational and social perspective in the fields of electronics and mechatronics. For that purpose an empirical study with standardized open central questions was undertaken.

Target groups of the study have been technicians, engineers, production managers and representatives of employers’ organizations and social partners in the respective fields. Another questionnaire for VET teachers and trainers focused on the changes in didactics and methodology and the resulting impacts on learning (e.g. curriculum development, assessments, settings etc.). Altogether 55 interviews have been undertaken.

On the basis of these interviews and of a Europe wide literature study a comprehensive research report was made. Core of this report is the description of the implications of the 4th industrial revolution for VET teaching and training.

The results of the empirical study are summarized in two competence matrixes for the working world 4.0 in the fields of electronics and mechatronics, one for VET students and one for VET teaching and training staff. With regard to changing working processes competence change areas for VET students have been identified and their specificity concerning grade of complexity, innovation, and expertise listed. In addition the competence requirements for teachers and trainers have been described.


Training Modules for VET Students

In the project VET 4.0 altogether five innovative learning modules for VET students in the fields of electronics and mechatronics have been developed. The learning modules are freely available and fulfill the requirements of modern, open and collaborative learning. They consider the aspects of data security and data protection, they can be used interdisciplinary and prepare for the work with automatized, reactive and mobile processes.

The topics of the learning modules focus on internet of things, intelligent house, smart and keen factory and digital factory for individualized mass production.


Training Modules for VET Teachers and Trainers

In the project VET 4.0 five learning modules for VET teachers and trainers in the fields of electronics and mechatronics have been developed. Functionally they are related to the learning modules for VET students. Basically also for teachers and trainers it is important to be able to deal with the challenges of working world 4.0 and to develop the respective learning settings. Concretely they will have to be able to

  • manage the changes in curriculum development
  • to change the organization of learning processes
  • to create didactical changes
  • to develop new formative assessments