Learning Modules: Sequencing

Target Group

Quick-witted, young, digital natives - this is the target group for the learning modules made by the VET 4.0 team.

On a content level they deal with typical topics of digitalization and automasation in industrial production processes, in electronics and mechanics.

On a methodological level they use all the possibilites and tools the internet and cloud computing offer to enhance learning in distance and presence settings.



The learning modules show a clear structured sequence:

  1. Intro: What is the learning module about? For whom is it of interest? How will you learn?
  2. Scenario: Narrative task which is presented in an authentic situation.
  3. Development of the concrete tasks, the work plan, (international) division of work, ways of collaboration
  4. (Multidisciplinary or multinational) problem solving, implementation of the tasks
  5. Assessment of training success
  6. Meta-cognitive self-reflexion and evaluation of the learning process