Requirements for VET in Spain

VET (Formación Profesional) in Spain 

VET is ruled and managed by Ministry of Education: Laws :

LOE release date: 24/5/2006 LOMCE release date: 10/12/2013

3 Levels: Basic, Medium and High
High level VET level is considered HE (Higher Education). Recently included Dual System.
Optional Bilingual Education Program with English.

Special IT courses have higher demand than availability. Creation of new courses depends on the Ministry of Education not Ministry of Employment.


Dual System in Spain

The “Dual Education System” in Spain has been implemented since 8 November 2012, but it is dependent on the autonomous community.

There are 4 kinds of “Dual Education Systems” active in Spain:

- Exclusively in the classroom
- With participation of the company in the classroom.
- In coordination with the educational center and the company. - Exclusively in the company.

In Spain during the school year of 2012/2013, 4282 students began their studies on the project of “PF Dual”. These numbers had increased to 16,199 by the 2014/2015 school year. For this we can deduce the incrementally increasing attention level of the students for this type of education model.



  1. Increase value and employees in the Spanish industrial sector. 

  2. Develop local offers of digital solutions. 

  3. Develop competitive contexts for improvement of Spanish industries and 
increase exportations. 

Guidelines and strategic areas:

  1. Supporting implementation of digital skills in the Spanish industry.
  2. Industry 4.0 support. 

  3. Legal context and standardization. 

  4. Industry 4.0 projects.